Hak mir nisht kayn tshaynik!

literally: Don’t bang me a teakettle

meaning: Don’t talk nonsense

Hi, I’m Sid. I’ve been having lots of thoughts on Society, You Guys lately and you can expect this blog to be a lot of talking about that, games (tabletop, console, and browser mostly), speculative fiction, the 19th and 22nd centuries, Yiddish, and feelings.

When I’m having thoughts on society and relationships there is probably going to be some heavy linking to Cap’t Awkward and Cliff Pervocracy, since my time as a lurker on their blogs has done a lot to inform my thinking and feelings-jargon.

I doubt my identity is deeply mysterious to most people who will be reading this blog, but I’ve decided have some semblance of anonymity anyway, so I’d appreciate it if ye who know me used Sid here. If I talk about you for some reason, I will nickname you or use your preferred nickname.

All photos used on blog will be taken by me, in the public domain, or via the creative commons license.



Sid – Me

RoboSquid or Squiddy – My partner/fiancee

Recursion Goat – A close friend who is very mathy and unbearably lucky


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